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Huge step for me today!

Posted by might4right , 04 April 2012 · 129 views

Did something that I haven't done in over 10 years...schedule a well visit/annual exam with a doctor. I have never been a fan of regular checkups with a doctor. When I am sick I just go to a walking clinic and take care of what I have. Always thought "well...no one LIKES going to the doctor". Starting to realize how bad I DO NOT EVEN LIKE THE THOUGHT of a regular exam. I called a primary care doctor for a regular physical. The receptionist then asked me if I wanted to do a pelvic/pap as well. I almost threw up right then and there. Wasn't prepared for that but couldn't come up with any words except "ok". After we scheduled the appointment and I hung up I broke down crying. I am realizing how deep of an issue I have regarding the doctor. Not sure what is at the root. I have been to lots of doctor appointment in the past but not while finally dealing with the abuse. I am very nervous that the pelvic/pap is really going to trigger a response!!!

Apr 05 2012 03:28 PM
This is very brave of you, and I agree, it is a huge step for you. Be proud of your self, you are doing something good to take care of you, and that is important.

I can relate, because I still struggle sometimes in going to the doctor, when I know it is the right thing for me to do for myself. And I know how scary the female exams can be. I'm sure that when the day arrives for your exam, you can find plenty of pocket riders here to lend you much needed support. Including me. :)

I hope it is going to go well, and my thoughts are with you.
Apr 07 2012 11:35 AM
Thanks so much...I will be needing those pocket riders for sure!!!

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