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My dad does not get it

Posted by might4right , 13 March 2012 · 42 views

Talked to my mom today. She told me my dad is REALLY upset about how this whole thing is happening. He said he feels like we (my husband and I) are avoiding or ignoring him at church. I laughed out loud to her and said that is exactley what we are doing. I told her what part of him doesn't understand that I CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT SILENCE OR DENIAL of the abuse??? The last conversation is still stuck in my mind. He walked up to me at church and I KNOW he was going to just try to act like nothing has happened. I gave him one word "hi" without eye contact or an ounce of friendlyness. What does he think...after saying the things he said I would just walk up and pretend everything is fine???? Just forget about how hurtful he was??? WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I really think he is mad that I won't talk about the situation without my pastor being present. My pastor is VERY understanding and supportive and could really help get through to my father if he has any chance of actually trying to admit his mistakes. This concept of admitting you are wrong is VERY difficult for my father. I wonder if in this case it won't be impossible for him. But if he wants this situation resolved...then why hasn't he gone to pastor and tried to schedule a meeting. It is hard not to be the one to initiate another meeting...but I know at this point it is important for my father to make that step.

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