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have a question. hoping you all can help me :)

Posted by *Danielle1990* , 04 November 2012 · 208 views

my cousin in law emailed me about 2 weeks ago after i had left group, and said:
I feel a little awkward asking this since it's such a personal topic, but you seem very open with the fact that you were sexually abused. It's a horrible, horrible thing to experience and something no one should ever have to go through!
I hope to God the answer is no, but I would like to know if it was your dad. I only ask because I no you no longer speak to him and you once posted that you were writing a book about a girl that was abused by her father.
Since Max and Sophia are occasionally around him, as a mom, I'm very protective and feel like I should know if someone like that is around my kids. I really like your dad and think he's incredibly nice, so it would be horrible to learn otherwise.

and i have no idea what to say back to her. other than asking her if she wants to meet up in person to talk about it, because i would want to see her facial reactions. etc.
i talked about it in group, and wanted to write her a letter, but i didn't want to write her and then her not believe me. but i offered to meet up with her and she didn't want to it right away so that tells me that she doesn't really want to know what happend.

help me? plz
<3 you all

thats a hard one, okay let me claify, you have offered to meet with her and she has said no not yet ? as in my opinion thats just her preparing herself for the worst case scenario as she knows things in her world (must press not in your world) are going to change. i dont think that means she doesnt want to know, in a way with you asking to meet perhaps she has read into that prematurly. either way i hope you manage to sort things out and your are so incredible brave for being so open and mature about it. just make sure you look after number one !
Nov 05 2012 04:36 PM
she has said that she wants to meet,but just not right now. with finals/exams in december so she wants to wait until there done..and that she will let me know

which i feel like if she is really worried about it that she would want to meet up with me ASAP..ya know?

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