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What should I do?

Posted by IAtethecookie , 18 July 2011 · 122 views

I have moments where something will flash in my mind, and I am all like "wtf is that?!". Well, today I took a nap because my cat just looked so cute and well, I joined him.

when I woke up, however, I felt as if I wasn't where I should be. What I mean is that I began to have a flashbaack about my childhood. I opened my eyes, but the room I was truly in wasn't in view. I was in my godsister's room, and a little girl. I was waking up from a nap and I think someone was toucihng me. I say think because I was like "NO" and curled up on the bed.

My brain at that moment before the no was very much like how I thought as I kid. It scared me.I fight and fight to not mentally snap there, but sometimes it just happens. And it makes me think I am insane. I want to know I am not crazy. I want to be safe. I really do. Help.

talking to someone is the best advise i can come up with, talk about it. No your not crazy. x here to talk if yo need someone

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