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I Wonder...

Posted by bambi86 , 20 October 2011 · 128 views

List of Things Accomplished since I last wrote:

* Moved to the Big City alone
* Got my overdue debts in Order
* Started a new job
* Integrated into culture and made friends
* Started 'loving' my body again by doing Yoga & I start Tai Chi tomorrow
* Working on my relationship with Huss
* Made it to my 25th bday (its in 8 days :) )
* Socialising healthily
* Making Rent and Bills
* Keeping interested and engaged with life - and I'm so proud of myself!

Now, I have to face the reports and legal process. Apparently there are some doc.'s waiting for me at home - my folks have them but they didn't want to spoil my week. So, I think I'm ready to go ahead and get some justice.

I helped a friend this week going through a report of child sex offender...she thanked me today with buying me Sushi and getting me flowers...I am so happy for her but when I came back to work I had to cry and call mum...I want my OWN justice now too...I am ready.

I love you all and hope you are healing day by day - or if not, I hope you are at least resting and 'being kind in your thoughts' as my Yoga teacher says :)


Abby xx

Oh and for some reason my warped extended family keep popping up at the most in-opportune times...

i see them or they are mentioned when sh*t is going down:

* at work (lady knows my cousins - the ones who put my fam down and didnt invite me to wedding)

* after friend gave me flowers for helping her with her statement(cousin walked up street and looked me up and down and called someone)

* first time i tried to care for myself a month or so after rape i came out of beauty salon and a diff cousin walked past and sarcasticaly said 'HI!' and when I looked vacantly - she laughed at me and mumbled.

I dont know. i feel they are all toxic. I can't stand them. They are bullies and spoiled. they dont even know what happened to me and they just want to keep me and my family down. fuck them.

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