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Waiting for Direction

Posted by bambi86 , 10 September 2011 · 100 views

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Hello All :hug:

Right now it's Sunday in Australia and I'm waiting to hear back about two job interviews I had this Thursday and Friday in the Capital City.

One role has a fabulous hourly rate, autonomy, project ownership. The other role has a great title, lots of autonomy and reasonable pay.

I did the best I could in both interviews - but now I am incredibly, incredibly nervous and I would actually be devastated if I didn't get one of these jobs.

I came alive in the city...I felt grand...

I broke down in the hotel room after one interview. Not out of sadness, out of pride, relief, amazement. I DID this. I am DOING this. My friend said that it is an awakening...I feel like it is too...

I am not being who I was...I am more :)

Wish me luck - pray that I get one of those jobs, will you?

Love Always


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