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I'm committing to bloging more

Posted by shay143 , 24 May 2012 · 77 views

I have to get on with my healing. I'm stuck and I'm misurable and don't know how to move on. I'm ordering a new book tonight so I can have something to use as a guide. I think changing therapist is going to be a good thing. It seems like she knows more about my issues than Precious did. I have some hope and a lot of fear but I have to p...


mothers day the good the bad and the ugly

Posted by shay143 , 08 May 2011 · 112 views

last night did not start my mother's day off in a good way at all. I was so hurt by the fact that my bf didn't even realize it was mother's day until I told him at 10:45pm and he tells me its nothing more than a glorified day to make you spend money you don't have just like every other holiday. then he had the nerve to say "so I gues...


I don't know what to do with all this anger! trigger warning

Posted by shay143 , 07 May 2011 · 81 views

All I've wanted since I started therapy was to feel something other than dead inside. I was expecting sadness, not rage. I hate myself right now, I wish I would of never started this healing process. I was better off being numb and frankly stupid to the effects the abuse had on my life. I knew I had some issues, my alters let me know that on a re...

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