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Posted by BikerWife , 31 May 2011 · 172 views

So just been doing a lot of thinking tonight. I really am at the point of struggling to find out who I am as a person who I want to be..sounds funny but I've spent most of my life trying to be what every man in my life wanted me to be and now I just want to be me but I don't know who that is exactly. I know I still have a lot to deal with from the...



Posted by BikerWife , 30 May 2011 · 141 views

Having a rough time today really bad...me and the hubby got into an arguement this morning really stressed me out and it's over stupid stuff too, we're fine now just both stressed out to the max. We had my stepdaughter, her boyfriend, and my step granddaughter move in with us until they can get on their feet and we love them it's just general...



Posted by BikerWife , 24 May 2011 · 135 views

I haven't wrote here for a little bit...it's been on my mind everyday and I know I'm starting to open up but having to sit and write makes it hard too it helps I think to get it out but I don't know maybe I'm just afraid to deal with everything that I've spent so long trying to put behind me. I guess some things you just can't...



Posted by BikerWife , 01 May 2011 · 128 views

Well today was a good day but a hard day today. It was good with having all the kids over with my stepgranddaughter and one nephew and niece with the great niece :) that was good fixed lunch for everyone I really enjoyed the company.

The hard part....since my stepfather's visit the last week especially more so the last few days I can't stop think...



Posted by BikerWife , 30 April 2011 · 162 views

I'm new at blogging and still finding my way around this site and trying to abide by the guidelines and I hope that blogging might help too maybe anything can help at this point. This past week and a half I feel like my whole life got turned upside down completely everything I thought was ok including me is far from ok. After I saw my stepfather for t...

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