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Odd Space

Posted by YoursTruly , 12 February 2012 · 19 views

These past few weeks have been of so bizarre to me I don't know what/how exactly I feel. Since my last T session two weeks ago, I've scored the highest scores I've ever had for depression, anxiety, hostility, etc except for drinking since I started T sessions 3 years ago. Although I am internally struggling with the drinking one (At one point...


Searching For Something

Posted by YoursTruly , 06 February 2012 · 10 views

It's a new year and I am striving for it to be a new me too. But I feel like everything I am trying to do to live better and be better is a half attempt or negated by something else I half did. I feel like this is the trial I have to face now to get to where I want to go and what I guess I am looking for is purpose.

Why do I wake up (when I do sleep...


But It's Still There

Posted by YoursTruly , 23 December 2011 · 14 views

December, the month of my birth, hasn't quite been the fairy-tale month I would have liked for it to be. I had some pretty rough triggers, I was severely sick, and a multitude of other issues. However, despite all the negative things that happened I do believe some small measure of calm and insight did happen.

Through all the calamity I think I fina...


An Education

Posted by YoursTruly , 29 November 2011 · 11 views

So far 2011 has seemed to be a pretty tough year on me, which says a lot all things considered with what I had been through last year. I've been in a serious car accident fresh after having surgery for a small tumor removal around the same time as my first anniversary(as if the other stuff wasn't enough). I've almost been kicked out of college...


Twilight Zone (Maybe TW idk)

Posted by YoursTruly , 23 October 2011 · 10 views

So today I had a meeting with some people from an organization I am trying to bring onto my college campus. Coincidentally, my boyfriend also happens to be at the school at the same time for a different reason. My phone dies in the middle of our text convo about meeting up with each other. So I am rushing to go to our normal waiting spot after the meeting...


Just Once

Posted by YoursTruly , 15 August 2011 · 11 views

Just once, or maybe even more than once actually, I wish my parents would listen to me. Me, my parents and me telling them the truth about things has always been an issue. Since the first time I committed the act of lying to protect myself and a friend back when I was in ELEMENTARY school they've had an issue with me and lying. Don't they know I w...


Daring to Hope

Posted by YoursTruly , 02 August 2011 · 10 views

So yesterday was my last individual counseling session with my therapist before she leaves and my first group counseling session ever. It was so mind boggling to me that as I let the door close on one part of my healing I was also opening another door that only seemed natural to me and it just so happened to occur on the same day. Unfortunately for me I w...


A Letter To Somebody

Posted by YoursTruly , 28 July 2011 · 10 views

Dear Somebody,

If there was a way I knew for sure my words would reach you, I'd say every word I swallow back every time I watch you walk away. I'd tell you how I hate the sight of you leaving. I'd tell you how I rush the time away when I know I will see you. I'd tell you that when I talk to God I always thank him first for blessing me wi...


Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep

Posted by YoursTruly , 25 July 2011 · 14 views

So today I felt a little vulnerable as I have decided to join a real life SA support group in my area. It is a very huge step as before I think I would barely had the courage or strength to try and attempt to go to something like a support group. So with my anxiety mounting as I called the people and being told I'd have to wait a few more days I talke...


Something New

Posted by YoursTruly , 21 July 2011 · 11 views

Itís been a minute since Iíve last updated this thing. But mainly it wasnít because I didnít have anything to say, I just didnít know how to say it. Then I had a conversation with someone that surprised me with insight into the things I overlook.

I have a hard time accepting myself. This I admit to because, for me, itís one of those things where I have a...

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