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Posted by YoursTruly , 07 October 2012 · 104 views

Dear Skeletons,

I want to hate you. With everything that I am I want to hate you. When you come around me, when you think of me, I want you to feel the fire of my rage. I would like for your sleepless nights to be filled with every tragic transgression you've done me. I'd hope that on those nights your dreams would be filled with the graphic images of things that terrorize you and in the mist of your agony you'd remember me...the girl you hurt...the girl you almost destroyed.

May every richness and kindness you will ever know in your existence be ripped away from you in your darkest hour of need, as you stripped me of my security. With every tear you make a love one cry, may the weight of your guilt magnify for their hurt and my own. I hope your guilty mind suffocates you as the shame of your actions have suffocated me.

Dreadful Regards,

If only those words could become true...
One can dream I suppose

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