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Just Once

Posted by YoursTruly , 15 August 2011 · 31 views

Just once, or maybe even more than once actually, I wish my parents would listen to me. Me, my parents and me telling them the truth about things has always been an issue. Since the first time I committed the act of lying to protect myself and a friend back when I was in ELEMENTARY school they've had an issue with me and lying. Don't they know I was a small kid back then? So I get older and get that lying gets me in worse trouble and when I get in trouble they want me to lie to them and agree to their version of what the truth is. At first I thought this is what I get for lying when I was younger, but as I got even older and to this DAY I still struggle with them on this issue.

The past few weekends I have been going out with coworker/friends from my college and honestly the last few times my parents have tried to call me while I was out on those nights my phone had not rung. Now the text messages goes through fine, but I don't check my phone for those until up to two hours from when they were sent. I am not a huge cell phone user, so I don't check my phone like that.

So I told them the last time I was out my phone didn't ring and they didn't believe me. They said they'd check the phone records to see and I told them to go ahead I was telling the truth. So I went out again and the same thing happens except this time my mom left a voicemail I didn't get until after her text came through, so I am thinking she has only been trying to contact me via text and I reply back to what I think is a jokey text message, I honestly should have known better.

Now I am dealing with two pissed off parents that think when I go out I shut off my phone so they can't ruin my nights out and I just think it's so horrible living with them and all this other bull. Seriously I believe there are some deep insecurities going on with my parents reactions to things that go on with me. And I am not trying to paint myself out to be their victim, but my Lord! It's like every none action I do is a slippery slope onto some of the most bizarro thought processes I've ever heard in my life. I can be careless yes, not at all intentional.

Don't they know I worked hard as hell in individual counseling to even go back into telling them the whole truth about the things that go on in my life (minus the SA)? That shit is hard when every time I tell the truth I get: "Well I know only to believe half of what you say" or "No, that's not what happened, you just turned your cell phone off. Stop lying, just admit it. Why you getting so upset, I already know that is what you did!"

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