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Daring to Hope

Posted by YoursTruly , 02 August 2011 · 36 views

So yesterday was my last individual counseling session with my therapist before she leaves and my first group counseling session ever. It was so mind boggling to me that as I let the door close on one part of my healing I was also opening another door that only seemed natural to me and it just so happened to occur on the same day. Unfortunately for me I was late to both appointments but I feel like arriving for the second half of both sessions was really all I needed.

With my individual T we talked about my personal growth and where I was headed and we talked a little about where I was currently. It was so cool to hear my T tell me that she was proud of me and that she'd never forget me. It felt so good to hear her say that. And she even gave me a poem to take with me that I think summarizes where, not only I feel I am at, but what I think some of you all on Pandy's are at to. I mean in some ways I feel we can all relate to it since we are on this site looking for some form of help.


I bless...these things
that make the circle of my life...

...In blessing my past
I become who I am now.
Good or bad, cheerful or painful,
my past...has formed me
shaped me
held me
released me into the present...

I bless...my present...
for it is how I am in the world
how I think and fell
how I act and live.
It pulls me out of the past
and thrusts me into the future...

I bless...
the things that point to what is to come...
my uncertainties, my potentialities, my future.
For in blessing what is new in my life
I move toward what I can be:
unknown but shown
unpredictable but mapped
potential to be fulfilled...

--B. Ardinger in "A Woman's Book of Rituals"

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