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Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep

Posted by YoursTruly , 25 July 2011 · 35 views

So today I felt a little vulnerable as I have decided to join a real life SA support group in my area. It is a very huge step as before I think I would barely had the courage or strength to try and attempt to go to something like a support group. So with my anxiety mounting as I called the people and being told I'd have to wait a few more days I talked with my boyfriend about it. I want him to be as much apart of my healing as he feels comfortable with.

One of the things I antagonize myself over is that I don't want to over burden the support that I have in my life and so if he felt uncomfortable or skeptical about me joining a support group, I wouldn't have joined. But to my surprise he took it in stride, saying he understood why I'd want to join and that he thinks it might be good for me. I feel so lucky to have been blessed with someone who cares so much. And in a way I feel so guilty that he has to be so brave and understanding with me because of what I been through.

Jul 26 2011 03:14 AM
That's a huge step and you are very strong for doing it and your boyfriend is an amazing support for understanding! You shouldnt feel guilty, he is an awesome person for helping you through this!
<3 .
canadiangirl92: Thank you so much for your comment! I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but it's just one of those things I can't exactly help. However, I'm working at it!

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