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Pretty Picnic

Posted by YoursTruly , 03 July 2011 · 11 views

Well I had a pretty decent weekend. I sorta expected it to be better than it was, but you know how the saying goes "You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather." For whatever reason my family is trying to get me to get up early in the mornings and go walking around our subdivision. Their entire pitch for me doing so is that I need to lose weight. My entire resistance to their coaxing is that: a. I am losing weight already through my jobs (went from a size 16 to 12) b. I don't like how they are asking.

They are making it seem like all I do when I am home (and they are home to see me) is stay in my room and sleep. Mind you I work two part-time jobs that run together like full-time jobs and I am a full-time college student. I can barely spell the word sleep in that schedule because most of the time that is cut out for sleep I don't get because I am trying to get to sleep. Now asking me to join them in walking one morning or something I wouldn't mind trying. But flat out telling me I need to because of health concerns and saying things like "have I looked in a mirror" is pushing it.

Jul 04 2011 09:01 AM
you are so right! they are insulting you and that is not ok. I´m so proud of you for noticing that.
Congrats on your weight loss from 16 to 12, Posted Image always do it for you because you want it, there is no right size, only the size you are happy with, 12 in not better than 16 or any other number.
We are beautiful as we are, no matter what we look like or our weight.
Of course health first, but mental health first too.

too bad there is no mirror that shows the soul, because then you could hold it up to them and see how they feel about how they treat you.
mybrotherdidit: Thank you! I have never really been a big dieter or exercise person (so hard to stay committed), but when I did start to notice I was losing weight from little changes I was making it encouraged me to try a little harder (since my jobs are both semi-physical jobs). I just sort of wish my family would be a little more supportive of the fact that at my own pace I am losing weight and I am loving myself as I am in the process. I really don't have any health concerns that are contingent upon my weight and it's more so I feel like they are bullying me to be a size 6 again. :glare: I wasn't happy with who I was at that size so I am not rushing back. :lol: Although I really do wish I had a mirror that reflected souls. I'd be real curious to see what my family really looked like. :confused:
Jul 25 2011 06:07 PM
;) I would like to borrow that mirror as well...I have a few people I would like to hold it up to!!!

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