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Posted by YoursTruly , 30 June 2011 · 17 views

Today I decided to take a day off from everything. I took the day off from being tired, I took a day off from strenuous work, I took a day off from conscious thought of my past and basically anything else that was causing me stress lately. I slept in, did some light work, updated my resume for a potential new job opportunity and spent the majority of today relaxing. After hanging out with a friend yesterday I realized that I've been everywhere and nowhere at the same time doing stuff for other people and nothing worth much significance for myself.

I probably would have enjoyed the day better if I could have gone outside my house to enjoy the summer weather, but I diffidently am not complaining about my "me" day at all! For the first time in weeks I felt like I've gotten some sleep, I feel like I have made some progress in some of my real life projects and that I've actually made time to catch up with a few friends that I've felt like I've neglected (after I took sometime to enjoy some of my personal satisfying time).

I think it is funny how I came to the realization that I always complain about how other people don't take notice of me of when I am tired or slightly off mentally and yet I do the same thing. I think taking this day off marks the first day that I will treat myself better so that others may know how they are expected to treat me too.

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