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Head Held High

Posted by YoursTruly , 25 April 2011 · 8 views

I am new to this site and already I feel like I've just cross the thresholds of a new home. All around this site I see nothing but strength, beauty, love and the very heart felt healing pains of other users. As I read through the blog posts and as I click through some of the forum posts I can only imagine the roads everyone had to walk to end up at this site. I also start to wonder do some of these people even know just how amazing they are? How amazing we are?

Sure I get down and sad and angry and scared. My experiences have left me with my own reservations and longing. But just as I was about to feel defeated I am reminded by other survivors that there is so much more to the pain we may feel at any moment.I am reminded of the kindness of an older cafeteria woman on my college campus that said, "Sometimes God gives us a bad day in order to know what a good day feels like." So much warmth and love and wisedom poured into a simple statement.

I cling to the hope that it projects and I make it to my next smile, my next genuine laugh, things I thought for a while I had lost the ability to do. From the video that was just made so many of you have found yourself or are in the process of finding yourselves again. Instead of remaining silent and forgotten, you chose to find your voice and be remembered. Do you not see the power in your choice?

I know for me my choice was to hate and be bitter or simply to love and be happy. With every smile, some might be fake. With every laugh, some might be empty. With every happy-go-lucky mask, I may really just want to cry. But I choose to do the difficult. I choose to do what is so hard and leaves me both emotionally and mentally drained at the end of the day because minute by minute, day by day, I am reclaiming a part of me that otherwise would be just a fading memory.

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