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seriously who gives a sh@@

Posted by anji13 , 03 August 2011 · 69 views

I've been on here for a little while. I know I'm not the most active person on forums and such but I still find it rather disheartening to barely see any response to anything.
I read through alot of posts in forums and try to post but usually think that whatever I say is worthless and pointless and isnt worth putting down. I'm sure there are...


another night

Posted by anji13 , 17 July 2011 · 50 views

another night i cant get my head around.
another moment where i wake
heart nesting in my mouth
blood of my latest act
carving me down
carving me out
leaving me a symbol

another shakespeare's victim
sitting out in the sun
the brothers seeking out
titus once again

hamlet lover
resting in the pool
comforted by her blood
and flowers

you do not know me...


ties and consent

Posted by anji13 , 12 July 2011 · 52 views

i slam the door
set on letting this be
the world has no forgiveness
for these binds and games

he picks me up and ties the ropes
is this a joke
anything to keep my soul down
when i agreed this knife
had no where to go

i shouldn't need this
you think you know me
you think you own me
wait til the end of this
i own my cries my pain
i will not break for...


lost in this

Posted by anji13 , 02 July 2011 · 52 views

every day is too long
my steel heart beats
too slow to feel
too heavy to carry

everyone wants me let go
how could i
how could this keep going

they never bother to follow me
on this haze I'm on
my souvenir -- another fire scorch scar

see my bruises
they never bother to see
another hint of this ghost I am now

i just want another coma


nothing really

Posted by anji13 , 11 June 2011 · 72 views

I dont know why but these last few days have been particularly hard. i have no energy, everything is just fuzzy and worst part is I dont really care. i know i should care but its too tiring too.

had about six or seven moments where i couldnt do anything but sit there. tears going down my face for no reason. and i dont know why. i've no triggers or a...


someday is just everyday

Posted by anji13 , 18 April 2011 · 48 views

Some days I am just sad and lonely
keeping memories with every
clock ticking too slowly
and I wish away the time

wishing that another day would be here
and maybe that day
will hold more potential than this day
but each one of my some days
turns out to be everyday

Some days my brainwaves border on psychotic
and some days its more than hard to breathe

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