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the flower at the tomb (poem)

Posted by anji13 , 24 April 2013 · 111 views

time over time
the wilted flower wondered
I stand here alone
cold and passed over

no one helps me grow
no one stays at my side
no one saves me from the evening gloaming
and I spend another darkness
waiting for the sun

in the dawn as it comes
the warmth does not please me
for it only ends in cold
when the nighttime returns

so the flower, stalk bent
and petals heavy
wept at the base of its stone statue

the stoic carving asked the flower
why so many tears
and it responded
People comes and go, they sit and stare
they whisper to me their secrets and grief
and leave me here
I want a home. I want to be taken from here.
I want to be saved.

The stone told the flower, I know why they leave you behind
You are already dying, you are already dead.
They leave you here little wilted flower
because you will never grow.
You, like myself, are fated to
live our times in this place of death and emptiness.

This is our purpose.
So embrace your loneliness, despair, and tears.
They are your only companions.

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