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Posted by anji13 , 06 November 2012 · 89 views

every dawn just another red warning
words dont even come any more
one more thing
over and over

my fingertips are colored
burnt from all my rage
carved bones bent
over and over again

my roots are sand
weak from the rain

my voice
my recovery
lost in the building echo
of a beating shore

the night comes
leaving me on the driftwood
wondering why i bother to hang on

Anji- Despite the sadness in your poetry, your words are hauntingly beautiful. Writing is clearly one of your talents, and I hope that you see that in yourself.

I understand your feelings of powerlessness, and often feel that way myself. But you are stronger than you realize. Your words, "every dawn just another morning, words don't even come anymore... my fingertips are colored, burnt from all my rage" were very interesting. Perhaps you could believe that rather than internal rage, perhaps your fingertips are infused with red because of the power within you. Also, despite your pain you rise every day to face another dawn, and that shows your courage.

Stay strong Anji, and don't allow feelings of despair to harm the beautiful soul that you are. You will get through whatever battle it is that you are facing, and be stronger for it.

Sending you positive energy and :hug: if okay
Thank you so much for that. Its exactly the kinda of thing I needed to hear this week. I am trying as we all are.
:hug: to you as well.

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