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drowning ghost

Posted by anji13 , 07 October 2012 · 61 views

where I started
where I want to be

but this heart grows tired
it feels old

I am a lost country
of somethings buried too deep

no more self told lies
whispering in my ear to never look back
my bones wither
sand moved by waves

I can not swim back
when I was young
I never knew
this endless swell
pain that is beyond
the gleam of the lighthouse

my heroes
my hopes were too strange to be free
no one warns you heroes die
no one holds you hand
when you're a ghost wandering the halls

and that is all I am now
a glimpse no one wants to see
not even happy memories

lives go on around me
neglect wears down my history
soon the water will rise
no gates no sandbars
just cold
black water

filling my boards my walls my lungs

no one looks for a ghost
no one will even know when i am gone

sending you love and support----hang in there dear one
Here for you anji13, hugs if okay :hug:

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