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Posted by anji13 , 16 February 2012 · 30 views

Here I sit
upon my throne
with silence
stitched into my bones

reigning the winter
pulling in the snow
upon my home
as darkness nears

rush home
dear heroes
us mute children from the night
drift in ancient memories

i will keep you

when all the lights go out
we will sit
be together in our darkness
huddling for warmth
in the shadows of turned backs

our horror stories will spread
across the ground as we spin our tales
write our sorrows
with broken bones and red ink from our veins

silence us not
bury us not

yet alone we wither to dust
when our words grow too strong
too long
and too tragic

some move on
some grow
and some just go
whittling us down to splinters
when once we were thrones

left like fairy tales
in which small children
no longer believe

one day they will find my bones
cradled in a corner
scribblings on the walls
and dust in my mouth

for all the words
in the world
can not fix
my throne

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