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Posted by anji13 , 25 August 2011 · 27 views

So I just finished this article about self harming, which was good yet wasnt. One point that really bothered me was how the author seemed to believe that only teenagers suffer. NOT TRUE. And they also seemed to be under the impression that it is a temporary phase that teens go through.

They made it sound so simple. So easy to be rid of.

Those of us who deal with this issue every day know that none of these are true. I'm 29 and have been dealing with SI since I was nine. Two decades certainly deflates this author's theory that it is a "temporary fix for a teen's lack of control with their daily stress". I have so many issues with that statement.

What I did like about the article was they listed a great many forms of SI that alot of people don't usually recognize.

Normally the attention only goes to those who ***. All of these are debilitating means of SI'ing. SO I was glad to see the recognition going out.

I just wish that professionals, writers, and the general public would understand that not only teens suffer with this. Errrr...

I don't know a lot on the subject since it's something I've never had an issue with (my thing was drinking), but you do make a really good point. If people are touting it as just a "temporary fix", it's likely something a lot of parents will ignore thinking that teens will grow out of the "phase" on their own. And then adults who may have problems with it are less likely to get help if they want/need it. Basically...saying untrue things like that is bad for everyone :/
I totally agree.

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