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Posted by Juviel268 , 17 April 2011 · 51 views

While I'm sitting here, Thinking
As the world is passing me by.
I'm screaming while I'm sinking.
And everyday I cry.

I want to change my life somehow.
I want to lost my past.
I want to get a new life NOW!
For I am fading fast.

I cry each time I think of him.
It seems like everyday.
I blame myself, I feel ashamed.
I think of ways for him to pay.

For what he did to me before.
I cant erase my mind.
I wish that I could close that door.
The one that I can't find.

I wish I would of said something.
Instead of being scared.
I wish I would have opened my mouth.
I wish that someone had cared.

For I can't stand living this way.
Knowing I never told.
Asking myself everyday!
Now I live a life so cold!

I can relate to your poem. I write poetry too. It is the only way to let out the pain.

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