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Keeping busy!

Posted by lissadawn , 12 June 2011 · 132 views

Well, I've been gone for a while! It's summer now and there's a lot more to do at home and at work!
I started my bible study for sex abuse survivors and I'm soooo excited! There were a couple of things that I thought were going to get in the way but God cleared the way!! :yahoo:

Now to focus on getting myself back to school! I'm excited but a little nervous too. I just don't want to overwhelm myself and end up giving up. This is too important! Things are going so well. Now it's a matter of not sabotaging this happiness. :unsure:

If anyone has the answer to that one let me know would you!!?? lol

The great thing is I have so much support, even from my husband and kids! So I'm praying that it will keep me on target and focused! :thumbsup:

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