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Keeping focus!

Posted by lissadawn , 15 April 2011 · 133 views

So I have decided to do a few new things in my life in order to make things better for me and my family! I'm so excited about these changes!
Now I'm so scared that I will lose focus and fizzle half way through! Unfortunately so is everyone around me. :tear:
All my life that's all that has ever happened to me. Things start to go right and fall into place and then the bottom falls out and leaves me on my ass.
Sometimes I even find myself pulling the rug out from under myself. Feeling like "well I'm gonna fail or someones gonna ruin it anyway so why try?" It's easier and safer to just do the bare minimum to get through as quietly as possible.
I want this so badly!!!

I want to finish school and help other people who struggle with the same things that I have in life. I want to be able to make some money working from home and not having to do retail anymore. And I want this support group/bible study to be a success and to truly help as many women as I can.

I'm gonna do it this time!! I'm gonna keep plowing through and pushing my way to the finish line no matter what gets thrown at me!! I've already made it through the toughest part of my life! I've survived the nightmares that they threw at me! I've survived being beaten, battered and used! If I can make it through all of that, I can make it through anything else!!

Thank you God for bringing me so far!! I realize now that You carried me through all of that!

Despite all of their best efforts I am a better person.
I am a better mother.
I am a better wife.
I am a better daughter and sister.
I am a better friend.
I am a better person!! :yahoo:

(Now everytime I feel discouraged I will have to come back here and read this! LOL) ;)

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