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Hard T Session tonight....Triggering

Posted by Seanna , 01 June 2011 · 22 views

Finally got out part of what I needed to tell my T. Still unable to put any details together...Just a point list that makes sense to fill in blanks as it goes.

Neighbors heard the screams and called the police
Police came and were talking quietly at the door to J while I was tied to the coffee Table.
Police officer came in and i began pleading for help
He straddled my face
He said ugly things to me - "show me what you've learned so far" "You're not fighting me. I knew you were like this" "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"
J started whipping me with a belt
cop got mad screaming at J to stop "No wonder neighbors called".
Then everything got quiet and there was alot of whispering.
I was untied and thrown in a coat closet wtih no light to wait.
Heard them rushing around moving things
Dragged out of the closet by my ankle out the back sliding door.
Blindfold on wrists tied - Trunk of a car - Long long drive
Blindfold on wrists tied - Getting onto a boat and thrown into the bottom part (where the compact living area was) door locked.
So dark. On the boat for a very long time - it seemed like it anyway.
Hearing boat docking
J came down to get me and dragged me up by my hair
Tripped a few times
Walking walking walking. Seemed like forever.
shoved into this cabin that appeared to be some type of park cabin.
J & the cop, (who I will refer to as S) shoved me inside.
S said "Now the real training begins. Nobody will hear you scream from here."

I have to stop now.

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