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Its been a while.

Posted by britt124brat , 17 March 2013 · 25 views

It's been a while since I wrote anything....I'm now 23! I feel like mxost of my life's wasted away still....let me fill you in on a couple things from the past twovyears....I got my depressed ass up got a job. This awsome factory. I had some fun. went out and had fun with my friends on weekends. It was so perfect then...my job was mon-Fri 3-11pm and with health benifits and a retirement plan...everything was going fine...untill Jan 23rd 2012...I called off work. I had a sharp stabbing pain in my right side and it was blown out about 6 inches. I called off and went to the Dr....I went to several drs and they kept mis diagnosing me...after a year I found out I have cysts on my overies...a fatty and oversized liver...an oversized spleen...I ended up loosing my job because I couldn't meet work requirements and still to this day they don't know what is 100% wrong with me...I finally get to see a liver specialist and hope to god its not cyrosis of the liver.....a fatty liver can cause cyrosis along with it being hereditary....hopefully they find out what's going on so I can get better....I can't lift more then ten lbs and can only work out 15 min a day and I'm going stir crazy...I've been in this house since I got sick....my boyfriend works a lot and I do have two dogs so I'm not 100% alone but I truly do feel alone and cursed! Ive decided to stick with this blog for ky previous reasons plus ti try and help me go stir crazy...its easier opening up and talking to people I don't know compared to people I do know....plus I don't see anyone's face so I won't know if no-one sees these or ignores me! Plus its always good to get things off your chest...bye for now.

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