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feeling a little better today.

Posted by britt124brat , 16 October 2013 · 172 views

Me and my fiancee talked and actually had a nice conversation..It made me put more trust in him...I havn't fealt this comfortable in a while...He told me how instead of pushing through my triggers and ignoring them I have to tell him so he knows to stop doing these thing's...I know its true and I do feel bad about having to do it because obviously he likes it but we both know it dosnt help..He reassured me he loves me to death and that this is going to take time which we both know especially because I've suppressed it for so long and have ignored all my feelings. He has never actually opened up to me like this before and actually had a conversation..He usaully is horrible at conversations because he does not know what to say but he let me know he cares and won't stop fighting for and with me no matter what and it reassured me that there is a good possibility I can be happy again and live a life without this weight I've been carrying on me. I really hope I can push threw this I miss his touch.

This is wonderful to read. I am so glad he is there for you.

I really hope that you (both) realise that all you are experiencing is NORMAL after what you went through. I have read back through a bit of your blog and see that the therapy didn't work out in May?

I do hope you can find the support you need to make it through. Sometimes you just have to reach the point when you know you HAVE to do something before you can really get going on T if that is the right thing for you. I reached that point nearly two years ago (after 27 years) and actually it meant I was ready to do ANYTHING to make things ok. I found a sex therapist and she has been wonderful.

:rolleyes: That's great! My husband and I had a similar conversation and he basically told me the same thing that we wouldn't stop,leave, or quit fighting for me, us. I know how much safer it made me feel...safe to heal. What he did for you was a huge step in your healing process.

Best Wishes :metoyou:

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