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Posted by britt124brat , 14 June 2013 · 101 views

It's been a while again..still not in the greatest of moods....my allergies have been so bad this year that my eyes habe almost swollen shut twice in tue past 2 weeks....I have eye drops for em now from the Dr.....my relationship is still on the fritz.....we are trying to work on this but I don't see a point at the moment....Im affraid if setting myself up for defeat again...maybe my cousins wedding Saturday will bring us a little closer....I doubt it.lol....I really hope things between us do het better soon....I warned em if they don't we won't get back together....we habe been together since I was 16 and now I'm 23....I don't wanna give up and neither does he....we still do love eachother...I just can't put up with us not spending time together as a couple..alls he does is play video games and we barley have sex anymore....I feel like we are roommates not a couple....we dont even sit next to eachother on the couch....I'm also a more active person esp when I'm not depressed and love sports and chilling by the fire...going to the beach or park and IDs like to do all this before my surgery.....I basically just want a cpl hrs a day or one day a week just me and him....Idn maybe I'm asking for to much...night.

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