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Wise Mind -- where are you?

Posted by LittleBee , 05 February 2011 · 26 views

All I can do is remember that the good times with him outweighed the two bad times. For some reason, it hurts me more to hate him. Right now, if I forgive him which I've done before, there is just a transferance of responsibility for the act onto me - completely. I am so black and white in my thinking. It's so damn hard to enter the grey. I've...


self identity

Posted by LittleBee , 31 January 2011 · 28 views

Rape shouldn't have been a consequence of having a new friend or according to my T. my lack of self identity is a reason. My dad is right - I'm stupid and naieve.
Please pardon my terrible spelling.


Seasons (may T)

Posted by LittleBee , 02 January 2011 · 31 views

It's so frustrating that my healing lately has been in cycles or seasons. There will be patches of time when I'm doing great, then times when I can't seem to shake the darkness off. There's been a few times when I wasn't sure if I needed to go to the hospital because my anxiety was so bad and I couldn't stop dissociating. In early...

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