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Makeup, Body Image & The Media

Posted by LittleBee , 25 February 2012 · 86 views

I love makeup.
I was always into playing with my mom's "lippy" as a little girl.
Currently, my makeup bag is full with eye shadows, liner, blush, lipstick and lipgloss.
But... when I put it on AND when I don't have any on, I feel like shit.
My thoughts go " Oh God, please don't be looking at my makeup" or "Oh God, I look so grungy, I hope no one cares."
I lose either way.
I feel that women are put in a tough place because we get messages urging us to not be "conceded" or a "tramp" by wearing a lot of cosmetics, but also get messages saying we should put makeup on to look professional, sexy, cute, pretty etc.

And I DO feel those things deep down. But my fear of being noticed or dare I even say it - complimented puts me at war with those things in my makeup bag.

Does anyone else feel like this? Please chime in :) XOXO

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