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Triggered Pt.2

Posted by Etheris , 29 November 2010 · 75 views

So, I messaged the owner of the blog that triggered me about being triggered. I was as polite as I could be, and tried to be nice. I did not whine or complain, I just offered a solution. I like to think I would have been much nicer if it had been ME who had accidently smacked HER over the head with 5 tons of remembered despair, horror and humiliation.
I would also like to think that anyone would be nice under those circumstances. I'd like to think that, but I don't, because she proved me completely wrong in that regard by basically saying it would be inconvenient for her to implement my solution and that I was being selfish.
Thanks, Melissa of Shakesville. I'm sure you getting 20 emails about the change would inconvenience you far more than me sprawling on my bed, jerked out of my normal world by the pain and the sickness, retching and gushing tears and forgetting I'm mute while I try to beg someone to make it stop.

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