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Schedule for today....

Posted by Labyrinth , 11 April 2008 · 95 views

7:00-8:00 Me: Veg in front of CNN. Chris: Eat Cereal and Make "big mess". Alex: Sleep
8:00-8:30 Me: Loose Game of Hi Ho Cheerio. CHristopher: Cheat at Hi Ho Cheerio Alex: Sleep
8:30-9:00 Me: Write this blog. Christopher: do everything imaginable to annoy me. including grab my arm and yell about me taking away a sharpie marker while hitting me in the face. Alex: Sleep
9:00-10:00 Me: Get the kids and myself ready for a walk. Christopher: watch Sesame Street and whine. Alex: Eat Breakfast and Watch Sesame Street
10:00-11:00 Me: Walk. Christopher: Ride in Wagon while making goldfish cracker trail just in case we can't find our way home. Alex: Ride in Wagon while stomping feet
11:00-12:00 Me: Watch children eat. Christopher: Eat Peanutbutter and Jelly while begging to watch TV. Alex: Eat peanut butter and jelly while chanting "Up, Down, 123 GO!"
12:00-2:00 Me: pretend I'm sleeping. Christopher: Lay in bed while plotting plan to take over world. Alex: Sleep like a log
2:00-3:00 Me: get jumped on. Christopher: Jump on me. Alex: sleep like a log
3:00-4:00 Me: walk around like a Zombie. Christopher: Watch Nick Jr. and play with blocks. Alex: Watch Nick Jr. and cry about Chris hoarding blocks.

I want to trade places with Alex....

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