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To tell or not to tell?

Posted by tjmom726 , 02 February 2011 · 55 views

I have a new friend. She is not someone that I am supposed to be friends with. But I am friends with her. She has been kind to me. She has opened her heart up a little to me. I have only known her for a few months, but I am hooked. She I didn't know why I felt so bonded with her, but I do now.
For the past few weeks, my head is filled with chatter. I always thought it was because flashbacks were strong and I was weak. I thought the little ones or big ones wanted to help. Instead, I discovered the little one wants out to be with my new friend. She thinks she is perfect for us. She wants to be held by this new friend.
I don't want to disappoint my little one, but I don't know how to bring it up to this new friend who knows I was once multiple. I hadn't switched in many years. It was all buried. until now. I try to warm the new friend to me and she is honest in saying she is not cuddly. She has two little daughters of her own and a big daughter too. She is cuddly with them. She won't be cuddly with me. But my little one drives me crazy with the feeling..I have hinted that I wanted to talk to her, but she dismisses it. She is busy. She is human. My heart is too big. What do i do?

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