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The Good Stuff

Posted by tjmom726 , 06 January 2011 · 38 views

My son today told me that I should get a better job that makes more money. My reply to him was that I did have a good job that paid money, but I quit that job to be with you more. He then told me that I left him with his grandmother all the time. (now, I brought him to his grandmother's from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm and he cried each day when I had to pick him up. He was only two when I quit to work part time.) So I explained to him that he was too young to remember any of it and that I think making money isn't as important as being home with him.

So, I gotta try to explain to him now about the Good stuff in life. I don't want him to have memories of him being in a play at school and me not being there because I am working. I don't want him to remember his childhood as a time without me. I want him to know that he matters to me and even though I tell him each day, he doesn't care. All he wants to do is use the toys and presents he gets each year. This year against my better judgment, he got an ipod touch. So, he is not allowed to use it if his grades fall. But when we get home from school, he gives me a hard time about doing homework.

How does one explain the good stuff to a kid who has always had it. it's like I know through my bad experiences what life is truly about, but to a ten year old kid, it's like he can't grasp it.

Now, we lost our home in a fire a couple of years ago and he lost all his toys. Even though he still suffers from extreme anxiety and ptsd from the fire, he is turning into a spoiled brat!!!

It is so important for me to teach my children the value of life and how precious friendships are. I want them to appreciate all they receive. They lost their stuff, so taking away all they have won't help...

What is a mom to do?

I know this is really not a big problem in the world of Pandy, but I was hoping someone would have a suggestion or two.

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