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What is Love?

Posted by tjmom726 , 03 January 2011 · 38 views

Love is committing to one person for the rest of your life before God

Love is letting go of who you were and becoming one with another

Love is a newborn resting on their motherís chest

Love is a father playing catch after a long day at work

Love is searching for the perfect birthday gift

Love is saying no to buying junk food at the store

Itís a warm embrace from a friend making you want to hold onto forever

Itís giving some of what you have to a stranger who needs it more

Love is looking at the perfect part of someoneís heart including your own

Love is trying to forgive those who have wronged you in the past

It is a crowded bed during a thunder storm

Love is doing a favor for family even when itís inconvenient for you

Love is learning how to say no and taking time to rest yourself

Love is mommy and daddy alone time until someone has a bad dream

It is going the extra mile for the student who needs help

Love is taking time to listen with your heart not just your ears

It is treating others as you truly want to be treated and living by Christ

Love is one more bed time story and goodnight tuckins

Love is taking care of those who are sick and letting them go when itís time

It is telling someone the truth even if it hurts their feelings for a while

Love is thanking God for the moments in your life that take your breath away

Love is accepting, warm, beautiful, peaceful, honest, natural, and perfect

Itís a feeling of warmth and comfort, one that you hold onto forever

If you love someone, tell them. Even if you donít expect to hear it back. For love is a gift from God and one that is meant to be shared with those you love. Tell those in your life how much they mean to you. Sometimes in life we assume that our actions show someone how much we care, and sometimes we need say how much we care.

Jan 03 2011 03:44 AM
:yay: :bawling: :thumbsup:

What a mixed set of emotions this raised for me! :hug:

Thanks for sharing this with us and reminding us of all the many aspects of love.

Love is also accepting and loving, unconditionally regardless of what the person has said, done and been through. Being prepared to work through the pain with them and not letting them go the journey alone!

Take much gentle care
biw x

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