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First OB/GYN Appointment Yesterday

Posted by voice*~* , 06 October 2011 · 190 views

Yesterday had my first appointment at the ob/gyn. I needed to go to get a blood test to find out if I have high testosterone or something that is basically causing me to go through menopause at the age of 17. Terrified is an understatement to what I was. My last Dr.ís appointment at the pediatrician didnít go all too well and it through me for a loop for a few days. My pediatrician is a guy and it made me extremely uncomfortable and I wouldnít let him touch me. My Dr. at the ob/gyn is a woman so that helped in itself, but she was also very understanding. I did not tell her about the CSA because I didnít really see the need. She could tell I was uncomfortable though. She had my mother wait outside and we talked. I had my blood drawn and she put me on birth control to see if it would help. No exam thank God; I still am not even close to being emotionally ready for that. I go back in three months to see if the pills are helping. I wonít be nearly as nervous as yesterday.

Oct 09 2011 06:44 PM
*hug* I'm proud of you for going through with your appointment! And I am glad that an exam wasn't needed. That's a huge step! :)

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