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And so the journey begins

Posted by voice*~* , 16 June 2011 · 59 views

Today was my last day of school. It was my last day of having an emotional safety net for the next two months. And so the journey begins. I must take these two months and change myself into the woman I want to be. I have so much to do in so little time. I know the healing that must occur form the CSA will take longer than the summer, and I know my support system will be there when I go back to school, but I need to start this with no other voices in my head first.

Next year I will be a senior. It is the end of the childhood I lost years ago and it is the start of me being the woman I always knew I could be. I must walk on this road without most of my family for they cannot see me, but I know I am not alone. Besides those I have in my life supporting me, I also have the voices of many survivors who have gone before me. I can still here their whispers branching out from every tree and stone.
There is a lot of hard work to come. I will make it, and to anyone who is reading this, I know you will too.

Your blessed with such beautiful words and you are so strong at such a young age........beautiful post;-)
Thank you. I hope you are doing well tonight =)

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