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Forgive and Heal

Posted by Precious_Angel , 02 September 2007 · 21 views

When we want repayment for a wrong that has happened to us - the person to apologize, the person to receive some type of punishment for what they did wrong - we become stuck in the same place. We jail ourselves in a moment of time where we relive the pain that was caused to us over and over again - waiting for what we think should happen to happen.

A story was mentioned that a man became angry with his wife - so he put on a blindfold (because he said he did not want to see her anymore) and went to bed. He stayed in bed for 7 years, until the bed became uncomfortable. Then he got up and continued his life. But for seven years, he trapped himself in the pain of that one incident - and lost all of life, while the person who hurt him kept living and moving on.

Maybe when we wait for the people who hurt us to get it back - or to get our repayment in life for what has happened to us - we trap ourselves and hurt ourselves more than that person did originally. And if we could just find a way to move past it, to not forget so much but forgive the person and say - I don't need for you to pay I can move past this without knowing you paid a price for what you did. . . maybe we would have better lives?

I am stuck in this very place. I don't know whether to move up or down, forwards or backwards. I have so much anger not just for what was done to me but what was done to those I love both directly by this man and through the pain they have had to endure while watching me battle my hurt and frustration. This is a brilliant point you have made and I wish I could give some insight into what you are saying but I have the very same questions....all I want is closure...no I want revenge but not at the price of anymore suffering and that is all it would bring...how do you move past something that isn't finished? How to you move on from something that never can be?
Oct 20 2007 03:08 PM
VERY wise words!

Thanx a lot for sharing :)

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