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Posted by Precious_Angel , 28 June 2009 · 32 views

Today I was trying to show my boyfriend how easy it is to find him on Google. I worry and wanted him to understand it is dangerous to list personal information. I told him - see when you type my name in, nothing comes up - it is VERY hard to find anything real about me online.

So he asks me - So what? What do I care if people can find me?

He aske...



Posted by Precious_Angel , 21 June 2009 · 33 views

it's coming back and i am out of energy to stop it.
i feel like i am carrying around a heavy sack of bricks on my back and that i'm walking through quick sand.
my dog died
my neighboor moved
i pushed all my friends away the last time
now i have none this time
i can't get the energy to live my life
i'm starting to have memories again of w...


My Anger is . . .

Posted by Precious_Angel , 12 April 2009 · 24 views

1. What is/are the color(s)? Deep blood red

2. What is the texture? rough and clingy

3. What is the weight? suffocating

4. What is the size? across my shoulders

5. What is the temperature? Hot like cement on a summer day

6. What would it feel like to hold this in your hand? like a brick out of the oven.

7. What sound(s) (if any) does it make? Screa...


How open are you?

Posted by Precious_Angel , 19 January 2008 · 34 views


My sadness is like a blanket.

Posted by Precious_Angel , 20 October 2007 · 36 views

1. What is/are the color(s)? Sky blue

2. What is the texture? Smooth

3. What is the weight? Very light

4. What is the size? Large enough to cover me

5. What is the temperature? Cool

6. What would it feel like to hold this in your hand? Like nothing

7. What sound(s) (if any) does...



Posted by Precious_Angel , 07 September 2007 · 36 views

The Source of this is: "The Sexual Healing Journey"
by Wendy Maltz


Sexual abuse generates negative, false attitudes about sex.These become
hidden from your consciousness. You may have difficulty separating abusive
sex from healthy sex. Offenders contaminate victims, imprinting them with


Forgive and Heal

Posted by Precious_Angel , 02 September 2007 · 32 views

When we want repayment for a wrong that has happened to us - the person to apologize, the person to receive some type of punishment for what they did wrong - we become stuck in the same place. We jail ourselves in a moment of time where we relive the pain that was caused to us over and over again - waiting for what we think should happen to happen.



Posted by Precious_Angel , 19 August 2007 · 27 views

The new school year is just around the corner. For the first time in 22 years, I'm not going shopping. I'm not buying new clothes, or notebooks, or wondering who my teacher will be (or looking my profs up on Ratemyprofessor ;D)

It's a strange feeling. I'm happy of course, because I also know it will be the first time I'm not up til...


Getting Nervous Now

Posted by Precious_Angel , 05 August 2007 · 30 views

I emailed him on the 31st. I only know that is when because that was the last time he was online when I looked at his MySpace account. I almost wish I hadn't found that fucking things. It's good and it's bad, because I've been kinda worried he might have curled up in a ball and froze to death over the winter - so at least I know he'...


Party Girl/Homebody

Posted by Precious_Angel , 04 August 2007 · 29 views

Last night, I went out with the girls from work. It was really nice. I'm not a big party animal, but every so often it's nice to get away and just be around adults for awhile. I know the girls weren't happy with me, cuz I stuck to the back more.

Keep in mind, I planned this night out. But my problem is, for outgoing and outspoken as I a...

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