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R**E is NOT a lighthearted joke! (possible trigger)

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 17 April 2013 · 174 views

(I want to warn you that this entry may possibly trigger, please take care reading)

I am not always the most 'politically correct' person. I like to joke and carry on, and I am loud... Even though I may not always be 'proper' and I do make mis-steps, I always try to be considerate and mindful of others. I try to remind myself that just because I haven't been through something doesn't mean someone near me hasn't. Maybe it would be wise that, when in the general public, sometimes I just hold my tongue. Sometimes a comment is not okay to make and sometimes a 'joke' is not funny.

That is my standard for my behavior. That, sadly, is not how the world in general behaves.

So I find myself wondering lately why people seemingly find it completely appropriate to use r*pe as a tagline for a joke. They either think it's not inappropriate or they just don't care/think about what they are saying. Sadly, I believe it is the latter.
Statistics say: 207,754 r*pes are committed annually (not sure but think that is a United States statistic) 1 in 6 American women has been a victim of sexual assault. So why would anyone in their right mind NOT stop and think that there could be woman in the room that has experienced some form of sexual assault?

Last year I had a rough day at work, we all were really. It was hectic and everytime we turned around it seemed something had gone wrong. I get paged to the front of the store I work at for the umpteenth time by one of the girls and that is okay, actually more than okay, it is my job. I go over to see what she needs and she states that she is sorry she keeps needing me but 'it is like I am getting r*ped over here'. NOw this woman did not know my history at the time of her completely inappropriate comment, but that is not the point.
Another example of r*pe being considered a joke....
My step daughter and I share our internet browsing, like when we find a sweet story, funny video and so on. She found a video one day and she is just cackling with laughter. Naturally, I ask to see it and she says I have to because it is hilarious. I am always up for a good laugh, it is the best medicine after all!
So she starts the video over and the words (could trigger) "hide your husbands, hide your wives cuz everybody is gettin r*ped out here" What the heck is wrong with people? One: the video was most certainly NOT funny and I can't figure out why someone would title it as such. Two: my step daughter does know the tiniest bit of my past, no details but she knows r*pe has happened to me.
So I am left wondering why it is okay to joke about this. I would even ask why it seems the only people that are considerate and don't joke about this are people that have been through it, but that is not how it has been around me.
I spoke with the first person that I mentioned in this post about the issue I had with this. I informed her that I am a survivor and that I do not take the subject lightly. She comes back with she is too and that she feels people 'just need to get over their past'.

I see it as a fundamental problem with humanity. Society seems to be going the way of to each his own and to heck with everyone else's concerns, thoughts and feelings. Live and let live is okay but the theory of it has been so twisted. In my opinion people are now manifesting live and let live as ' I will do what I want to heck with the rest of you' Having no consideration whatsoever for the people around you because what you want to say and do is more important is a terrible way to be in this world.
Does no one realize that if you minimize others concerns so much, if you make a survivor feel like their thoughts and feelings are to be set aside as inconsequential you are making this problem worse. I am in no way saying that these people are as bad as someone who commits this terrible crime but if this attitude were to continue..... If society as a whole continues to minimize r*pe and the aftermath and continues to see it as a joke doesn't that mean we will always have to struggle to find an end to it occurring? Doesn't the minimizing of this terrible crime mean that it could become more prevalent as time goes on?

It is very concerning to me that some see it as a 'joke' or something is a tagline.

I am a survivor. I don't think before, after or during was a joke. I would like to think that
others will one day learn this. Maybe one day they will learn....sigh....

Apr 18 2013 10:52 AM
Thank you for your words, Jennifer.

I fear the same :( People need to be educated and shown that this kind of thinking and expression is wrong.

And Amy, I have the same problem with people talking about rap, (as well as pregnancy and abortion, as for me, the three are linked). So I understand your anger and sadness,
Apr 18 2013 09:34 PM
Amy, I am sorry for all of us too! Hopefully it will come that not only the jokes stop, but one day, r*pe itself is a thing of the past. Crossing my fingers XX

May we all one day find our voice to help den this despicable act

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