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My Eternal HOPE

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 18 September 2013 · 112 views

HOPE: to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true. Yep I looked it up, silly, I know.

I never truly understood the meaning of hope, sure I could grasp the concept but I never really possessed the feeling in it's entirety. I always had FAITH that things would turn out the way they should, even if it took longer tha...


R**E is NOT a lighthearted joke! (possible trigger)

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 17 April 2013 · 181 views

(I want to warn you that this entry may possibly trigger, please take care reading)

I am not always the most 'politically correct' person. I like to joke and carry on, and I am loud... Even though I may not always be 'proper' and I do make mis-steps, I always try to be considerate and mindful of others. I try to remind myself that just be...


If it is not one thing, well it is still one thing

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 08 February 2012 · 148 views

I am trying my hardest not to whine, moan and complain. I don't want anyone to think I am looking for pitty because that is the last thing I want...this is more of a venting entry and a chance to give thanks for the things/people I am not venting about.

For the past year or so, things have been kind of up in the air. This time last year I was workin...


Fantastic tranformations lately

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 21 December 2011 · 105 views

To change anything about your world, or especially yourself, you have to truly want to change. REAL change comes with REAL effort, or as I always put it 'blood, sweat and tears'.
The life I always had before was always something I wanted to change but it was like seeing a calculus problem when you did not even know how to add, or something written...


A song for those that love and support any survivor

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 13 October 2011 · 118 views

Forgive the somewhat religious nature if you are not so inclined....I felt like the lyrics were so fitting for my husband and thought it would probably apply to anyones love.

Blake Shelton
"God Gave Me You"

Iíve been a walking heartache
Iíve made a mess of me
The person that Iíve been lately
Ainít who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside...


Everything changing, the new and the old finally merge

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 26 September 2011 · 119 views

Since I joined pandy's, and even a little before that, I have had this habit of self examination at any given point in time. It happens for virtually no reason at all just sometimes I feel reflective, I guess. Most times there is some kind of little thing that prompts it. Maybe realizing it has been a while since I had a panic attack, or realizing I u...


Anniversary came and went and I thought of my progress NOT HIM

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 26 August 2011 · 99 views

The last post in my blog was 7/31/2011 and it was how a couple of hard anniversaries were approaching but surprisingly I wasn't dreading them.
They were celebratory anniversaries in a sense but they also signified the start of a long healing process. August 14 was the 5 year anniversary of my step fathers conviction or aggravated SA of a child...Augus...


Anniversaries approaching and for once not dreading it

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 31 July 2011 · 80 views

So August is a huge anniversary month for me. The story of August starts back in February, though.
In February 2005, my paternal grandfather passed away. He was the only one in my family that ever acknowledged my father's abuse of me in any public way and tried so hard to protect me. When he passed it was a terrible loss. One of the only men in my li...


We are survivors, damn it!

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 13 July 2011 · 124 views

At many times in your life, if not all times people will apply a label to you. I think it is comforting to society as a whole to have a place for everyone in this world.
And so for the longest time the label that others applied to me was 'victim'. I guess I can see where they were coming from. At the times when others would call me that it felt t...


A few things I want to tell my "parents"

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 10 July 2011 · 79 views

Just so it is said, I am doing just fine. I am finally okay. I feel the most normal I ever have in my entire life and I am loving my life. But I was having a thought, I think to truly heal some old wounds I have to be able to tell my parents what I have been thinking all these years. Now I no longer have contact with any of them and that is fine by me bu...

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