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Getting ready for the week ahead

Posted by litakino , 31 October 2010 · 105 views

I think I am finally letting go of some of the hurt that has been really bothering me lately. If I really did learn anything and gain anything from the relationship that just ended, I feel I need to honor the good that has come out of that relationship and not let myself slide back into old, bad habits.

The main problem is that I am really afraid and not sure of how to proceed. I have a couple of new boyfriend prospects but one is very different from my last bf. He is quite, well, he's interested in a physical relationship right off the bat. I have not told him about the abuse yet. We have only talked one or two times. I'm thinking this one's over before it even begins maybe. The only thing that makes me wonder is that it seems besides my last bf, every single one of my other boyfriends, including the one who became my husband and abuser, were very much interested in the physical part of a relationship, right from the first date. Some held back more than others, but all made it clear that they were interested. In fact, that's what made me think that my last bf was not interested in me at all...it took so long for us to finally decide when the physical part was right. I wonder, is that how it's really supposed to be? At least, that's what I finally decided when my ex-bf and I finally decided it was right. I thought, maybe that's how a relationship is supposed to work, with both parties slowly learning each other and figuring it out step by step. But I'm confused now b/c I'm back on the dating scene and everything in society seems to be telling me something different. It's scary.

Nov 03 2010 06:42 AM
Finding the courage to even consider dating is wonderful!

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