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Moving, a few thoughts.

Posted by etchasketch , 30 January 2012 · 92 views

I'm trying to move to a new city this summer. I have never been so motivated to move on...I think that is good, a sign of progress regarding my anxiety. It's scary though.
The last time I moved to a new city was almost 8 yrs ago. I left my parents house to move to the city, attend art school. I was there for 4 days before I met my most horrific abuser. After months of that situation, I dropped out, finished up at another school across town a few years later, made a lot of friends, got a fantastic job that I still have. Sometimes it's still hard to be here though. Every September I get so horribly triggered, seeing all the college kids flood the city- they all feel so hopeful for their futures. That is how I felt when I went to school, too. I enjoyed a few days of it before I was robbed of my hope and humanity.
But I'm ready, I'm ready to move on finally. I want to move to a new city, try a new life, do some things for myself. If I can get all the financial technicalities to work out I think I am ready. It's scary to get my hopes up but it seems like this could work out...

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