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I think we all can relate

Posted by Iammealways , 30 September 2010 · 138 views

I am so happy to be here helping others deal with these issues. I actually am looking back at things, reflecting on things, and even though it is painful, I am proud of myself for dealing with things, and proud of others here, who are trying their best to heal too. I think the hardest part in my life was the mental and emotional wounds that I didn't realize could happen. I was in denial that everything was okay, even though my body and mind kept telling me it's not. So, my body and mind told when it was time to heal. I hadn't realized how people messed with me. I just wanted to say no one deserves to be messed with. But, also I want so badly to help others in anyway I can. I even tried to help the ones who have hurt me, at my own expense. But, this is a powerful forum, where we as survivors can say this was wrong, I don't have to hurt-I deserve to have my life-no matter what we face. We may have some times of feeling bad, that's normal. It's not a contest either or a race or anything like that. It's unfortunate that others have given their pain to us by abusing our minds and bodies in the most disgusting way possible. It's unfortunate, it shouldn't happen. But for some reason it does. And we are the ones left behind to deal with it. I'm here for anyone who has dealt with this, no matter how or what circumstance. But, maybe we can learn from it somehow. What I've learned by my experiences, is that I am still here. My perpetrator was given the chance to hurt me all over again when I stood up. So, I'm giving my love and affection to this group, because we, as survivors need that. I wish you all well.

THANKS! :yay:
Thanks a lot!
You have no idea what that means to me.....THANKS!!!

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