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Posted by xRainx , 26 December 2010 · 21 views

I've been raped. Have I committed a sin?

I found this while searching for what the Bible says about rape:

Many rape victims blame themselves for the rape. "I led him on." "My skirt was too short." "I was drinking." "I kissed him." These quotes are all ways that victims build up guilt an blame within themselves. However, "no" means "NO!" This means that is is absolutely not your fault that someone raped you. Christian teen girls face another fear - sex before marriage. Most consider sin to be a matter of the heart that results in the act. The rapist is the sinner. The girl is the victim. She has been wounded. It may take time, but God can heal those wounds. Through prayer and support, the Spirit can heal those wounds. Psalm 34:18 states, "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" (NIV).

I do blame myself. I feel like I am not longer "pure". Yes, I didn't choose to be with him. But that doesn't change the fact that he was with me. My husband will not longer be the first. The thought of that kills me.

But I hope that one day I will be able to come to terms with this. I hope that I will marry someone who will help me feel special and appreciate that I have been waiting for him.

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