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Feeling good

Posted by DoAnYa323 , 05 November 2010 · 50 views

Well things seem to be getting better.

I started taking Xanax so now I'm calmer. Its great! I can function with out freaking out.

I am accomplishing a lot with some help school-wise. I even felt the confidence to go over my group partner's house with an other member of our group(both guys). We finished the project also.

I also went out on Halloween to a Capoeira thing. We all went out to party after. It was so fun I met a lot of new friends from all over. Even met a new friend that live out here. I took the initiative to hang out with him next weekend sometime.

I also took the initiative to plan a big get together with friends on campus next week sometime.

I feel so much more confident when it comes to being around people now (still nerve racking but I feel at ease after breaking the ice). I'm steadily getting happier =)

The only obstacles I have left are to get through my prelim, get everything straight with the other attorney from the car accident and end this semester with a good GPA =)

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