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Posted by DoAnYa323 , 07 October 2010 · 7 views

I'm having really bad luck trying to even make an appointment with the doctor. I need a follow up appointment from the accident I was in. Not only that, I was going to ask him to prescribe me the anti depressants my T suggested.

I've tried 4 times this week to make an appointment. First time they were on lunch break, second and third time I was sent to an answering machine and forced to leave messages. The 4th time, someone picked up and immediately put me on hold for about 15-20 mins. I think its time I find a new doc lol.

The problem is, my mom is in no rush to find a new one since I'm feeling better from the accident. She doesn't know bout the anti depressants that my T suggested. I'm scared to tell her really... I am willing to try these anti depressants because for these past 10 months, I can feel the mood swings and they've already sent me to a very bad place earlier this year. I just don't want it to happen again.

Ugh, I'm just afraid to tell my mom about them. I don't know what she may think =/

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