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My first blog

Posted by DoAnYa323 , 12 August 2010 · 10 views

So this is the first time I'm doing this. I though "why not start it off on a good note?" =)

Yesterday was a great day; a day of progress and bonding (for lack of a better word. I went to the beach yesterday with one of my best friends whom I haven't seen in months. We both had a lot to tell each other. Unfortunately it was a lot of drama but we both have no one but each other to talk to. It lifted a lot of stress of of our shoulders.

I was also able to ease into opening up and talking a little more about how I feel and the things that people said. She understood. I was so happy. I even told her my greatest fear is that someone I vent to will say "aren't you over it yet"? My best friend said that "anyone who says that is stupid, especially with something this 'fresh'. You need to talk about this as many times as you need, don't worry if you talk in circles. Its the same for anything else. Everyone needs to vent; just as you always give an ear to me, I'll lend you mine anytime".

There was more she said but I can't remember (I just woke up so I'm still a little groggy =p). I feel so lucky to have her as a best friend though. I'm glad she understood and was there to listen to me open up more. I truly feel like that day was a day of progress when it comes to my healing. After all the nightmares and flashes I've been having in the past few weeks, the beach day with the bestie was truly relaxing. I don't know what I'd do without her :').

I'm sorry for talking so much. I just wanted to talk about a good day =)

Welcome to blogging on Pandy's. I hope it helps you.

first off, welcome :D the blog thing really helps me out a lot too; you just feel like you can get a lot out at once

my greatest fear is that someone I vent to will say "aren't you over it yet"

ugh mine too; your friend is amazing :DDD I hope your days get better and better
thank you both =)

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