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Seriously? Come on now!

Posted by NurseWithaPast , 02 August 2010 · 102 views

So far. . . in this past 7 days, I have dealt with the following issues:

Sunday: Realized how banged up I was from my rowdy camping adventures. . .not to mention discovering that misquituoes really do like me... Let's just say its been an itchy week. Oh. . . also knocking myself in the head on the back hatch of a car.

Monday: slipped in a puddle of water I spilled on the kitchen floor. . .fell on my arse. I know the water was there. . I even reminded myself not to step in it until I had a chance to clean it up. Wow my short term memory must be going.

Tuesday: Poked myself in the eye with my fingernail while putting on makeup. . .nice!!!

Wednesday: Got a paper cut while opening the mail! Also, dropping a lit ciggarette in my lap was real nice. I was wearin' my "daisy dukes" at the time. . .NOT COOL!

Thursday: Fainted in my yard while mowing my lawn. Looking at how this week has gone. . . I consider myself fortunante to not have run over my foot or something. Yeah it was a lovely heat/dehydration thing.

Friday: Had no ability to focus. . .I have diagnosed myself with ADHD. . .and that is on a serious note. I have always had focusing issues, but its getting way worse. I am reflecting on all the ways this does effect my life. . . Ohhhhh. . .something shiny. . .what was I talking about again?

Saturday: See above. . .

Last night: This is great! Just GRAND! I have sprained my wrist! How did I accomplish this incredible task? I was opening the turn-key thing in the med refrigerator at work!!! I heard a snap, and I thought the key broke off in the door. The sudden sharp pain, followed by the dull throbbing pain let me know right away, that snap was not the key, it was my hand!
Only I can be so talented as to sprain my wrist turning a darn key!!!!

Wow. . I think I need to move into my plastic bubble now. . . if that will even do me any good. . .I am sure my clumsy arse will find a way. . .or maybe I'd spontaneously combust. . .I really am starting to compare myself to Kenny from Southpark.

Okay. . .going to bed now. . . .


Aug 02 2010 11:50 AM
Ouch. I like to say, "I have attention deficit hypera- Look! A chicken!"
Aug 02 2010 06:28 PM
They say I'm distracted by anything shiny, sparkly, furry, or tasty LOL

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